Videnal Vitamin D3 30ml. High absorption.


Liquid vitamin D3 with high sublingual absorption.

  • 1000IU (25mcg) in only one drop
  • 1.2 million IU in one bottle
  • Extremely high absorption
  • Fast-acting
  • Pleasant minty taste
  • Easy to use. Just drop 1 or a few drops under the tongue

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Videnal vitamin D3 is the best vitamin D3 in its class. Made with Sub Microm Enhancement technology for the best absorption that can go up to 99%. Easy to use for adults and children. Pleasant minty flavor. Just put a drop under your tongue and 1000IU will be absorbed almost instantly. Proprietary technology for the best bioavailability. If you are in need of high doses of vitamin D3 Videnal is the best solution for you.

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