About Supplements and Herbs

We have combined the expertise of medical researchers, medical doctors, Ph.D’s, pharmaceutical researchers, and pharmaceutical business leaders from around the world to form Natural-E. It is our vision to seek out human needs, research and develop natural remedies, and make these natural remedies accessible to people around the world. In a world that is overwhelmingly dependent on chemical pharmaceuticals, Supplements and Herbs exists to find alternative methods to treating some of the most common and un common conditions that affect our lives every day.

By using state of the art, pharmaceutical research laboratory equipment, we have set our natural drug study, research, clinical testing, development and placement to the highest standards. It is important when producing these nutraceuticals products that we are able to fully test and develop the best possible product. We want to deliver nothing short of a perfect natural solution to help people fight their illnesses and conditions.

Humans have been using herbal remedies…well, ever since we became human. On record: In 1000 B.C., the Ancient Egyptians used garlic, coriander, indigo, mint and other herbs for medicinal purposes. Even further back, the Han Dynasty in China of 2700 B.C. documented more than 360 plants used to create medicine.