Essential D – Top Shelf vitamin D3 with 99% apsorbtion


Unlike other vitamin D product on the market, Essential-D has 99% body absorption rate. Up to 75% of other vitamins D consumed orally will not be absorbed, and will be lost due metabolism.
Our Essential-D will be absorbed in to your system almost completely and immediately, before solution reach metabolism. How is this possible? Due our patented nano technology, you don’t need to swallow our solution. Few drops of Essential-D under your tongue, and you will get all vitamin D3 your body needs, right away.

Having problem making your kids to take vitamin D?

You will not need to trick them in to using our product. Kids love pleasant slightly sweet, minty fresh taste of Essential-D. Of course, Essential-D is covered by our 100% money back guarantee policy if your expectations are not met.

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Essential-D nanoemulsion is a potent and highly bioavailable liquid source of Vitamin D.

Many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency because of too little exposure to sun and other dietary deficiencies.

Essential-D is your solution. It offers a fast, convenient and effective way to gain immediate access to natural Vitamin D.

Features Take just 4 drops 1-2 times a day and get all these benefits:

  • Provides essential V itamin D levels – lacking in many people
  • Highly concentrated – 1000 IU in just 4 drops
  • Great taste – easy to take orally
  • Helps in absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
  • Nanoemulsion guarantees fast and complete absorption
  • Helps develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • Helps prevent V itamin D deficiency
  • May reduce risk of osteoporosis


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